CEO message

Global dependency on technology has revolutionized communication and obliterated distances to bring us all closer; and this is just the beginning. The possibilities of technological innovations are limitless. However, with digital advancement to deliver a connected economy looms the threat of security breach, which can compromise the credibility of a company and shake the faith of their clientele. Mitigating this risk has become the prime focus of financial companies in the rapidly evolving world of technology. PCNC IT Solutions has picked up the gauntlet of securing financial organization against digital threats and providing a risk controlled, transaction environment. Since inception, we have successfully partnered with our customers to evolve robust financial payment and transaction processing solutions that safeguard their clients and craft an experience of trust. The year 2010 saw landmark collaboration between PCNC and the Bank of Palestine to form a joint venture payment gateway company, PalPay. Close on the heels of the success of PalPay was the MasterCard/Visa cards POS-acquiring software and hardware solutions, which has met with Visa, MasterCard and Europay approval. Our latest success story is the Hisabi Suite that covers the entire gamut of financial transactions. It is our endeavor to continuously improve the benchmark of delivering fast, secure, dynamic and user-friendly solutions to satisfy the ever-changing requirements of the customer. We are confident of our innovative solutions exceeding the needs of the local market, and envision the expansion of our reach into regional and global arenas, partnering with our customer’s to deliver their success, and ours.

Iyad Qumsieh, CEO